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These Powerful Stories Of Weight Loss Deserve a Standing Ovation

Despite the fact that the beach season has long since passed; it is still not too late to try to tone that body of yours. Although the main reason that you should tone your body is that it makes you feel happy. If most of you do not believe that you can tone that body of yours, then you are at the right place to get motivation. The people in our today’s article have fought hard and lost those extra pounds on their bodies.

We are also amazed by these people who have managed to overcome every adversity that the life has thrown at them but the managed to reach the goals and dreams they set their sights upon.

So scroll down to look for yourself to get motivation from these powerful stories of weight loss that deserve a standing ovation.

This woman lost about 198 lb: Transformed from a woman who was ashamed to go to the beach to a new woman who completely looks different!


He lost 70 lb in 7 months and now he feels great

feels great

This woman lost 165 lb in 4 years. Happiness is not found in a size, it’s an inside job!


He and his wife had a combined weight loss of 160 lb. It has been worth every frustrating day, annoying craving, and hardship. They still have ways to go, but it is worth it to feel this good


This father had problems camping with his kids and lost 130 lb in 6 months


She lost 56 lb in 12 months. These pictures not only show her progress in weight loss but also her improvement in cosplay!

56 lb

50 lb down in 2 years. It was hard but it was worth it

worth it

This girl lost 88 lb in 2 years thanks to fitness and a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

She lost 100 lb in 2 years and feels 10 years younger.


This girl lost 138 lb in 18 months. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes, just pursue your goal


She lost 220 lb and wants to become a fitness coach

fitness coach

She lost 211 lb after a situation when even 2 seatbelt extenders on a plane were not enough


This girl lost 74 lb in 2 years just by not eating fast food and not drinking soda


The girl lost 92 lb in 10 months after she saw her own photo. She changed her diet and started training.


This man lost 100 lb in 2.5 years


She lost 160 lb in 3 years. She walked for 45-60 minutes every day, did yoga, and didn’t eat more than 1,400 kcal per day


He lost extra weight in just 7 months. His secret: physical activity and fewer calories

physical activity

They decided to lose weight before their wedding. It took them a year

before wedding

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