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Awkward yet hilarious times when people lied on social media

Famous journalist and columnist Mike Rokyo once said, “It’s been my policy to view the internet not as an ’information highway,’ but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies.” And this was when social media wasn’t even born yet. Today when we see people on the internet, we realize that one way or another he was stating the truth.

We promote the internet only as a medium of truth and this is our humorous way of asking you all to not fall for the deception of some people in this virtual world.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these awkward yet hilarious times when people lied on social media.

When someone ask you, How single are you?


Having a romantic dinner with….. Myself!!!

romantic dinner

A new proverb is in town; a friend on the terrace is the friend who’ll embarrass


Umm well, this is technically a Mac-book


And still this guy doesn’t have a selfie stick

selfie stick

Trying to fake it on social media that you are off to a vacation


Who in the hell is Mike Pence waving to? His imaginary friend?

Mike Pence

Doing it for the gram


Just another great day, chilling out

chilling out

Other times when someone asks how single are you?

single girl

How some people travel the world


The greatest place to do the work, Not


From car to bus in 0.6 seconds

car to bus

This one is obvious but still hilarious


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