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Breathtaking Skyscrapers That Amazed the World

Nowadays we get to see the fruition of modern architecture engineering as mesmerizing skyscrapers materialize standing tall in front of us. With the construction of each amazing design competed, a new and better cutting edge design is being made a possibility which would have been once unimaginable.

Today we have gathered a compilation of the incredible marvels of architecture engineers from all across the globe.

One World Trade Center: New York, USA

World Trade Center

This was formerly known as ‘Freedom Tower’ built in the memory of the original ‘World Trade Center” that was lost during the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

One World Tower was completed back in 2012 and stands tall at a height of 1776 feet and is the tallest building currently in the USA.

Evolution Tower: Moscow, Russia

Evolution Tower

This skyscraper is measured at a height of about 807 feet and has also the No. 2 rank on the list of Emporis Skyscraper Awards in 2015 for being the world’s best skyscraper. The shape of this building is in the DNA double helix form.

Agora Tower: Taipei City, Taiwan

Agora Tower

This eco-friendly tower is Labeled the “smog-eating” tower of Taiwan”; is one of the largest residential sites in the country. The architect of this building Vincent Callebaut also won the design competition for this project back in 2010.

Lakhta Center: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Lakhta Center

This building standing at a height of 1516 fee is regarded as the largest building in Russia and in the whole of Europe. The concert pours for this building ahs the Guinness World Record” for the largest continuous concrete pour. The top of his tower is made to form a flower, a flame, an ice torch, a lighthouse and a spire.

W350: Tokyo, Japan


The tower is still under construction and will be completed by 2041 and at that time, it will be the world’s largest wooden skyscraper. The design of this building was made keeping nature in mind. People inside the building will be able to enjoy the cold breeze and warm sun too.

Dynamic Tower: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dynamic Tower

Each level of this one of a kind building can be rotated by the residents of the building. This means that the building will never look the same day to day. The building was designed by an

architect named David Fisher.

Moscow State University: Moscow, Russia

Moscow State University

This is one of the tallest educational buildings in Russia and its history also dates back to 1755. Back then it was known as Lomonosov University, named after its founder. The alumni of this university are some of the famous scientist and Nobel Prize winners.

Kingdom Center: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Center

This is one of the tallest buildings in the world with a hole in the world. The large operations of the building are illuminated at night with its continuously changing colors. The inverted arch at the top of the building is described as the “City’s Necklace”.

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