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Instagram Guys Who Totally Nailed It

While it is true that most of the social media sites are being dominated by female users, men also try to have their part on the social media as well.

For the sake of keeping up with the modern trends, men have come up with their own hilarious Instagram account by name of “Bros Being Basic”. The account has lots of shots where hot and handsome men are posing pictures of things that normally women do and post all over the internet.

Today we have gathered few of the most hilarious pictures taken by these creative guys for our readers to see and have a hearty laugh.

So scroll down to look at these hilarious Instagram guys who have totally nailed it.

A beautiful merman


Every girl I’ve ever met has worn this exact outfit to the gym


Such an amazing week with my crazy brothers!

crazy brothers

Oh, this smoothie!


Cuddling with my bestie in bed


Treat your feet after a long day of shopping!


When you feel like a princess inside


Feeling so blessed to combine all my favorite things this morning: a warm bath, avocado toast, and of course, coffee!

avocado toast

My bae snapped an adorable pic of me today

adorable pic

Afternoon Ashtanga

Afternoon Ashtanga

I love this new DIY coffee scrub!

DIY coffee scrub

Sometimes you just have to stare at a painting and reflect on life


Coke or Pepsi?


Bros in a pose


Sorry I’m late, traffic was terrible


Oh my gosh, Benny, look at that ring!


Spa days with spa baes

spa baes

It’s the most wonderful gift of the year!

wonderful gift

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