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Fashion disasters that are too much for us to handle

The world of fashion keeps changing and amazing us day by day. Basically, it’s there to make people, especially women, look more attractive. But sometimes designers take this task too literally and create masterpieces that can become nominees for “the strangest item of clothing” award.

Today we have collected a set of ’slightly’ odd clothing and accessory designs that will probably stay in your memory for quite a while.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these Fashion disasters that are too much for us to handle.

The Olympic uniform designer for the US team has done a great service for the country; don’t you think he should be promoted ASAP

Olympic uniform

So the time has finally arrived when the shows will be worn on the head


To me these look like a torture method than an extra large heel

extra large heel

Nipple Buttons; what woman would actually want that?!

Nipple Buttons

When you want to make everything look prominent


A green Dust cleaner is all that I see here

Dust cleaner

Designed for ultimate comfort, Sleep wherever and whenever you like

ultimate comfort

Is there any real idea behind this fashion disaster?

fashion disaster

Cockroach Pendant; what girl wouldn’t want to have that!!!!

Cockroach Pendant

To bra or not to bra? That is the question.


The Cat Lover

Cat Lover

Flesh me!

Flesh me

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