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These deceptive photos will have you rubbing your eyes

You can press the button on your camera 1,000 times and get 1,000 unimpressive photos. And only when the light, the shapes, and the lines are all right, you might get a photo that may make you doubt your own vision.

We have collected a few series of pictures that may make you want to see an eye doctor.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these deceptive photos that will have you rubbing your eyes.

Finding a cat is never an easy task; especially if you have this cat and this floorboard


Seeing this picture has left me speechless


When you take a picture of a pizza on a cutting tray with the right angle, it makes it look huge


A Photography wonder, if you flip it over, it looks like it is a picture of the sky

Photography wonder

What a safety hazard!

safety hazard

Power of reflection photography; the line went right through the knife

reflection photography

Seems like this elephant has a trunk that never ends


When shadows become dominant! This interesting pic of zebras crossing the salt pans was shot in Makgadikgadi, Botswana


A tiny man on top of an unsuspecting woman


These Cats breaking the laws of physics (P.S. look for the power outlets)

laws of physics

Am I seeing this right? Is this a Tomato Elephants?

Tomato Elephants

What does this look like to you? Hint; it’s not anything dirty


One of a kind 2-legged dog with only head for a body

2 legged dog

These plants that look like tiny hands


Whose head is that?


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