For Those who think no one can compete Facebook, take a look at Telegram

To most of the world and especially the world of social media, Facebook seems to be an untouchable giant of the social media world. Facebook appears to be a site that no one can come close to in terms of competition.

For those people who think this, take a look at the Telegram invented by Pavel Durov, even a simple error in this social media behemoth’s server which can result into an outage of few hours, can be very detrimental.

Although Facebook and it’s family apps like Instagram and Whatsapp came back online, the founder of Telegram told the technology media that nearly 3 million new users signed up on Telegram within the span of 24 hours.

How is Telegram different from Facebook:

Telegram is not entirely but still different from Facebook as well as Instagram. It is the closest thing to a competitor for Facebook’s family messenger app, Whatsapp. Whatsapp also suffered from the massive outage that continued on Wednesday and until Thursday.

Durov was earlier working on a social media project named “Vkontakte” which is the famed clone of Facebook but for Russia. However, Durov left this project stating that he was not able to keep the data and personal information of his users private from the local Russian authorities.

After leaving Russia and this old project, Durov started working on his new privacy-focused social media project he named as “Telegram”.

Until March of 2018, Telegram had nearly 200 million active users. Durov is also often seen commenting his major competitor Whatsapp for not doing much to secure the privacy of its users.

Telegram and ICO (Initial Coin Offering):-

Telegram made huge surges in the social media realm back in January of 2018 after there was a news leak that the company will be offering a launch of ICO (Initial Coin Offering”. This ICO was expected to be up to 1.2 billion dollars. However, soon Telegram secured nearly 1.7 billion dollars in private funding from various investors and the ICO was called off by the company.

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