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Funny Dad Playing With His Baby Boy

Children are everything for a parent; they are the apple of their eyes and the peace of their life. They say that when a person becomes a parent hey find a new purpose in life. Their will to live is only for the sake of their child; to provide him or her with the best of everything in their life under their power. For their children’s sake, a parent does not let a single stone unturned.

With that being said, when a parent comes home, especially a dad, after a long day of work his first priority as a new dad is to spend time with his baby. They shower them with all their love.

Same is the case for the video we present to you today.  The father in this video actually has a little extra fun time plan for his baby boy. The look on the face of the boy is so serious that it seems if he is a man trapped in a baby’s body. And to give voice to this trapped man in a child’s boy, this funny dad comes to play.

He moves his son’s lips while sounding the voice in the background making it seems as if the baby has suddenly got his voice. Let us tell you it seems so point on when the dad moves baby’s lips and starts to talks at the same time.

As for the baby he also equally seems to be amazed and might be thinking, “Am I Really Speaking?”

Well, the whole video had us on the floor laughing and we could not resist ourselves to share it with our beloved readers. Now it is your turn to have a laugh that will hurt your ribs.

Our most favorite part of the video was when the child suddenly decides to break free from the shackles of his dad but dad again improvises it with his voice and words.

Watch the video down below.

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