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Internet users shared helpful and easy to use household tricks

The story behind each of the useful life hacks is thousands of failures and tries. People all around the globe try to make their household duties a bit easier by trying to find new and useful ways. These people who have developed the useful household hacks have not kept this knowledge all for their self and shared it all across the internet.

Today for our readers we have compiled a list of many useful and easy to use household tricks.

So scroll down to look at these household tricks that are shared by Internet users and are helpful and easy to use. You can also use any one of them if it makes your household duties a little bit easier.

Makeshift radio

Makeshift radio

If your car’s radio is broken then use a paper cup in the above picture’s style to make a makeshift radio.

Chopsticks are useful in many ways


Chopsticks are not only useful for eating Chinese food but you can use them to eat other messy snacks as well.

How to iron crooked collars

iron crooked collars

Make use of a hair straightener to iron those ‘crooked collars’.

Don’t buy new Car fresheners, be creative

Car fresheners

Instead of buying new car fresheners use this amazing trick. Just add a little essential oil over the old car freshener to save some money. It’s cheaper and lasts even longer.

Paper clips have many uses

Paper clips

Paper clips are not used for binding appears instead they can be used to hang Christmas ornaments on a tree if you don’t have hooks lying around.

Taco and Fork

Taco and Fork

Keep your tacos straight and upright by using a fork.

Hotel Key

Hotel Key

If you plan on staying in a hotel with Electronic Key Card, then to avoid using the card all the time, simply place anything in the hotel key power hole.

Clean the Rail Tracks

Rail Tracks

You can now clean the rail tracks of the sliding door too; you just need a mini shovel for it. How do you ask? Make one by using a foil, skewers stick and an electric tape.

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

If you have trouble with shower curtains being short then simply add more shower rigs to the curtains to make them longer.

Avoid having a soggy cereal

soggy cereal

When eating cereal just add one cube of ice in the bow. It will keep the milk cool and avoid the cereal from getting soggy.

Butter Thy popcorn


Make use of a straw to get the butter to the middle of your popcorn bag.

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