Legendary Treasures Still Waiting To Be Found

The concept of Lost Legendary treasure seems a little unorthodox to hear in this modern world. However you cannot be more wrong as there are plenty of hidden treasures from the olden times that are still waiting to b found by some lucky treasure hunter. Some f these legendary treasures that are still waiting to be found are as follows.

The Reynolds Gang Loot

Reynolds Gang Loot

The infamous Reynolds gang looted many of the coaches in 1864 in the region of Colorado Territory and according to some legends there treasures are still somewhere hidden in the region of Mount Logan.

The last member of the gang revealed its location to a man named Albert Brown in 1871 before his dying breath. Although the location was revealed the treasure trove of gold was never found/.

The Lake Michigan Gold

Lake Michigan Gold


A news of a treasure being buried somewhere in the lake Michigan was revealed by the former vice president of Hackley national Bank back in 1921. The treasure is filled with gold stolen from Confederate Army back in 1860’s which fell into the lake after the ferry transporting it met a violent storm.

The Riches of the Copper Scroll

Riches of the Copper Scroll


In the last century 1000 Jewish texts were found which were named a Dead Sea Scrolls. Among these scrolls one is particularly infamous amongst Treasure Hunters due to it revealing 64 different locations of cases filled with gold, silver and gems hidden there. The scroll was named as Copper Scroll because unlike rest of scroll texts it not only revealed the map of a treasure but it was also written on metal sheets. Despite various efforts the treasure was never uncovered and it’s still waiting to be found.

The Gold of the Llanganates

Gold of the Llanganates


In 1532, Spanish conquestor named Francisco Pizarro captured the ruler of Atahualpa and the room where this king was captured was named as ransom Room. The name was given because the king offered to fill this room with gold in exchange for his freedom. Pizarro first agreed but then killed Atahualpa and the treasure he was gathering for his freedom was hidden by his subjects in a secret cave located at Llanganates mountain range which is today known as Ecuador. There had been many rumors of different people to have found the gold shortly after the death of the king but no proven record has been found.

The Treasure of the Esperanza

Treasure of the Esperanza


An atoll in the middle of Pacific Ocean with a diameter of 12 square kilometers known by name of Palmyra currently olds population of 20 scientist but in the past was actually the treasure island of pirates. A ship back in 1816 known as Esperanza while looting from Peru was transporting gold silvers and gems; met a violent storm and was ultimately attacked by pirates. The pirate ship who looted it also met a storm and need up wrecked on this atoll. Pirates supposedly divided the treasure and buried majority f it on the island and tried to make it back to mainland on a raft. Nothing of them was ever heard again and the treasure is still allegedly buried on the island.

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