Unsolved Mysteries That Confound the Art World

The world of art is not only stunning sight to behold but it is also filled with various mysteries. Some related to their creators while others are comprised of the thefts of these masterful art pieces. From the beautiful world of art we bring to you some of the unsolved mysteries that confound the art.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Girl with the Pearl Earring

There has been much speculation about the Johannes Vermeer’s famous painting “Te Girl with a Pearl Earring” since the time of its unveiling back in 1665. The artist is renowned to have made 36 pieces of art in total but all of these paintings are and enigmatic masterpiece that just wait fro to be solved. The mysterious girl’s origin in the painting in relation to artist life has not been identified or even the fact as to if there is any emotion in girl’s appearance in painting.

Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning Strikes Twice

One famous 20th century impressionist named Robert Ried concealed one of his already finished painting by painting another one on top of it. The concealed painting was discovered by an art conservator named Barry Bauman. The name of this newly discovered painting is dubbed as”In the Garden” which portrays a woman sitting in a garden by a table while drinking tea. The concealed picture’s motives have not been discovered by art critics at the moment but now museum has two Robert Reid paintings instead of having a single one.

The Love and Betrayal of Wally Neuzil

love and Betrayal of Wally Neuzil

The famous Austrian painter, Egon Schiele of early 1900’s had a muse named Walburga Wally Neuzil, who the painter used in many of his paintings. Painter’s most famous depiction of her lover is the painting named as Portrait of Wally which is also nicknamed as “Viennese Mona Lisa for its iconic smile.

Schiele however dumped Wally in 1915 to marry a respectable woman and it seemed that they never maintained any contact but record of Wally’s personal photo albums showed that she still was in contact with the artist and owned many of his masterpieces as well.

The Jesus Statue with Real Teeth

Jesus Statue with Real Teeth

A nearly 300 year old Statue of Christ was uncovered from a small Mexican Town. The strange thing about the statue was that its mouth had original teeth and to top it off they were with complete roots and were in good conditions. Although people have donated their hairs and other body parts to church for various purposes in the past but the reason as to why did this statue had real teeth and why they were in good condition are mysteries that are still to be solved.

The Man under the Woman Ironing

Man under the Woman Ironing

The 1904 prized painting by Pablo Picasso, “Woman Ironing” was in a robbery incident and when the canvas was damaged it revealed an another underlying picture which depicted an upside image of man with a  moustache. Curators have ruled out it t be a portrait of the artist himself.

Experts have theorized that b brush strokes it appears that Pablo himself painted this second picture but they have disagreements on the identity of this man.

The Other Mona Lisas

Mona Lisas

Although many people know that there is a renowned picture named Mona Lisa by artist Leonardo Da Vinci, they might not know that there is another Mona Lisa which sits at the Prado Museum in Madrid which may have been either painted by Da Vinci himself or by one of his students. The thing about this picture is that it gives a 3D effect when viewed with the second Mona Lisa. Experts are unclear on the fact as to this painting is actually panted simultaneously with the first one or if the 3D effect is only a coincidence.

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