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People suffering from Australian bushfires offered free emergency housing from Airbnb

Thousands of the residents of Australia are left with no option but to flee from their houses as the bushfires in Australia have ravaged the huge piece of land.

Emergency free accommodation for the people who are displaced by the bushfire is being given by the Airbnb as well as for the people who are helping others with the relief efforts in the affected Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales.

The devastation caused by these bushfires in Australia is of unimaginable magnitude and they do not seem to stop anytime soon. So far 24 people have died amidst these fires while 1500 homes have been burnt to the ground in the area of NSW. Overall nearly 3.5 percent of the total states of Victoria have been burnt down to the ground and nearly 16 million hectares of the area have been destroyed.

25000 texts were sent by the Australian emergency services’ authorities to the people who were in these bushfire affected areas to ask them to leave the area. Nearly the 14000 square meters of the residential area in the NSW region was evacuated overnight. Still, hundreds of people were unable to leave the area after they got stranded in the bushfires and now they are being rescued by emergency services via air and sea.

For those who seek Emergency Free Accommodation:-

If anyone who has been evacuated from their home or is offering their assistance for the relief efforts, they can avail of the temporary free accommodation provided by Airbnb in the region from January 2nd to January 16th. In order to avail of the free accommodation by Airbnb, one needs to use Airbnb’s established platform called Open Homes.

If anyone is in Victoria, they can click on this link, to search & apply for the emergency housing by Airbnb. If anyone is in the NSW area, they can click on this link.

For those who want to offer Emergency Free Accommodation:-

If anyone is willing to help in the relief efforts, they can contact Airbnb, as they require housing from Jan 1st to Jan 16th, 2020.

The requirement of Airbnb reads as follows, “A spare room or apartment, a comfortable bed, basic amenities and toiletries, availability for 2 or more days in a row.”

For those who are in NSW and want to offer their house for Airbnb, they can visit this link, and for those in the Victoria region, they can visit this link.

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