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Photos of Shadow that will tell a different story

The beauty of photography lies in the relationship of Light and a unique Perceptive of mind. When the innovative mind of a photographer meets the best of the light it makes wondrous and beautiful images on paper or on screen. However there are few times when this photography and light union gives birth to an unexpected result in forms of shadows.

Today we have compiled a list of hilariously amazing photos of shadows that tell a whole different story to the viewers. Although most of these pictures today are a result of coincidence, still with a little right innovation and perspective with just the right amount of light and photography skills; one can create a beautiful shadow with two faced photos. This is all not that hard, you can even do this yourself. Scroll down to watch these photos of shadows that will tell a different story to the viewers. Who knows that even you will be inspired to create some funny shadow photos of yourself too?

Strangers in reality; lovers in shadow land

Strangers in reality

Dinosaur walking around the neighborhood


They only realized the dirty deed after watching the photo

dirty deed

A real poor design fail

poor design fail

Velociraptor on the loose


Sinister exercise machine

Sinister exercise machine

Music is in everything around us


Here is the real life Beavis

real life Beavis

Donald Trump in spare time

Donald Trump

The real identity of Batman


Werewolf blending in the society

Werewolf blending

Descendent of Abraham Lincoln; shadows don’t lie

Abraham Lincoln

An amazing coincidence of shadow photography

shadow photography

Another amazing shadow coincidence; dirt on windows seems like mountains

shadow coincidence

Trash can is sick of you dumping trash in him

Trash can

Thank god a policeman is not around or he will be charged in possession of a firearm


What you eat is what you are


Identity of the unicorns revealed; its baby giraffes


You are being watched


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