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Designs that deserve applause for creativity

Ever since dawn of time when man became aware of himself, he has been trying to everything possible to make life easier and comfortable. Man has always considered keeping expense at minimum while making comfort maximum. For this very reason, since old times people have been coming up with new innovative ideas.

Today we bring to you a list of pictures that are about such cost effective yet comfortable designs. These designs definitely do deserve applause for their ingenuity. While it is true “Necessity is mother of Invention” but occasionally creativity plus imaginations are also required for these following designs.

Scroll down to see for yourself the amazing creative designs that deserve applause for their sheer creativeness. Some of these designs are actually so cost effective that you can simply imply them in your homes today and it will surely cost you nothing.

Creative mattress design for a room; you will feel like sleeping on air

Another cool mattress design to save space for wardrobe

Only seeing this designs calms my nerves

Robbers can rob everything but not your shoes

Smart Furniture; party of five, no problem

This star hanger is a life saver for every mom

Child with some style

Toilet Paper My Liege!?

How Cool it would be to actually sit in this Pizza Heaven

Clubbing Shoes; pictures taken without and with flash

Flask tie; for those nervous meeting moments

Sandbox; relax and work like a nomad right in your living room

I need this for my phone

Umbrellas for dogs

Glass tub; you will feel like fish for real

Perfect idea and safety for children tree houses

2 in 1; iron stand plus mirror stand

A cool toiletry item design

Sleep with the fishies

Egg Cracker; a solution to my eggy problems

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