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Weird Japanese Trends too crazy for existing

Japan is a land of many traditions and most of them have positive aspects to them. This is known as the land of rising sun with its numerous great and eye catching ancient cultural places to its charming friendly people. While it is certainly a rich cultured land it still has its weird moments as well and sometimes they are in crazy weird traditions that seem impossible to even exist.

For our readers today we have gathered a bunch of such weird Japanese traditions that are too crazy to exist but the still do. Scroll to look for yourself.


Japanese trends where parents of one entire day do not stop their kids form crying and instead encourage them to cry their hearts out. The tradition is carried out in the renowned 400 years festival known as Nakizumo Festival where sumo wrestlers shake babies gently as well as make funny faces at them to make them cry.

Bagel on forehead

The history of this trend’s origination is actually Canada instead of Japan. The tradition includes injection of saline in one’s forehead to make a Bagel like shape. The injection is costly and typically vanishes after 24 hours but it is still a weird tradition to have.

Camel toe underwear

This is another weird Japanese trend where Japanese women try to flaunt their lady arts by wearing special made Camel Toe undergarments. It is unclear if it’s a real tradition or an internet prank; one thing is clear that Camel Toe panties do exist.

Used underwear vending machines

It is a proven fact that Japanese are very open to their sexual desires. So if you happen to visit Japan and seen used underwear vending machines do not be alarmed at all. There are machines that sell both men and women underwear. Women underwear’s selling price start from 12 USD.

Eyelid trainers

This is a crazy eye trend in Japan, which aims for making double eyelids. There is even a gadget available for this purpose that helps the cause without use of any cosmetic surgery.

Face-lifting masks

Just like saunas and gyms help body for massages and exercising, in Japan there are special masks that help one to do face exercises as well. These face lift mask actually are helpful in improving not only blood circulation to face but also tone cheeks as well as reduce wrinkles.

Owl cafes

Dog and cat cafes are norm of today but have you ever come across any Owl Cafes? They do exist and particularly in Japan. While many of us might think Owl Cafes to be weird, it is a vastly growing trend in Japan with hundreds of cafes opening around Japan where you cannot only pet these birds but also take pictures with them.


The translation of Ganguro is “intensely Black”. In Japan there are specific Ganguro Cafes, where waitress are of tanned brown skin with short hairs of mainly blonde, orange or gray colors. These girls have one other specialty as they paint their nose and lips white and serve out with a smile on their faces.

Lipstick Templates

This is actually not a trend in its own self but it resembles a tradition called “Chindogu” meaning of which is using “Unusual Tool for everyday common issues”.


Shironuri translates to ‘Painted White”. For this tradition clothes do not matter instead what matters is white skin. You can do white anointed face makeup with any type of clothing from traditional Japanese clothes to weird fashions.

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