Police chase ends after stolen Tesla found with Tesla app

To all the criminals out there; think hard before you steal a Tesla car.

According to the local news report from the town Riverside, California this week, a man took the police for a chase through the town after he stole a Tesla from a parking garage. The moment the car was moved (stolen) from its spot, the owner of the car was known that it had been stolen as he was not the one driving it.

The Tesla owner reported this to the local police authorities who immediately moved into action and arrested the thief.

Tesla App:-

This incident stood out as a sharing beacon for the Tesla app, which not only works as a digital key for a Tesla car but also tracks down the location of the car as well. That’s not all; this app is so state of the art that it lets the owner of the car is aware of the exact car charge level along with the ability to control the interior climate of the car.

In this particular theft situation, the Tesla owner was able to provide the police with the pinpoint location of the thief. Authorities on receiving the information started their chase and it continued until the car battery died. This low battery information was also relayed by Tesla owner to police; which was being relayed by the Tesla app in real-time.

The Riverside Police said in a press statement, “We do not know if all the reckless and high sped driving caused the Tesla’s battery to die out or if it was not fully charged before it was stolen. However, the owner told us that the battery was dying which resulted in the thief to have the car stop in the middle of the Freeway.”

The suspect was then arrested under charges of stealing the car, evading the police and his own probation violations.

New Tesla security features:-

Prior to this incident last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk added one other amazing new security feature in Tesla cars. This feature is the “Sentry Mode” that comes with an alarm and camera system. This security feature is put in place to dissuade car break-ins and broken windows. The owners have to stay vigilant as they need to turn this security feature on every time they leave their vehicle.

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