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Australian license plates will soon have emoji, U.S. plates aren’t there yet

What if your license plates has emoji like this EM0J11?.?

Wouldn’t it be cool and fun?

In Queensland, Australian, which holds more 3.5 million licensed drivers; they can now opt to have emoji appear on their car’s license plate for a small fee from March 1st.

Currently, the government has only allowed the emoji like laughing, heart-eyed, and sunglass-wearing smiley faces to be printed on the license plates. However, a driver can also mock-up, design and pre-order their own emoji design with the help of a company named “Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ)”.

The law is that the driver has to add three letters, two numbers along with only 1 emoji in their number plate. The emoji list from which a person can choose from is as follows.

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

The cost of having these new emoji plates is about 336 US dollars or 475 Australian Dollars. The plates would look something like this.

The US is still behind on these emoji plates:-

As for the US, the plate here will stay emoji less. A spokesperson of California’s DMV said, “It would require legislation for California to start offering emojis on license plates”.

However, a digital license plate company by the name Reviver Auto is quite optimistic about emoji license plates making it into the US very soon.

Reviver CEO Neville Boston said, “I think that’d be interesting to do with the plates as a way of personalizing them.”

Boston also thinks that there is hope that the legislation will soon pass in the US for emoji plates as the law enforcement will soon be able to read the plate numbers. Boston stressed on this point multiple times, “First and foremost you got to make sure they’re readable.”

He also said that this is an opportunity to be creative.

Australian Emoji Contest on License plates:-

Actually, the creativity has such a huge role in all this that the Australian license company is actually holding a contest to see the best emoji use.

The contest winner will be able to win an iPhone XS Max as well as an emoji merchandise pack which will be worth about 1419 US dollars and 2000 Australian dollars.

So, for the time being, anyone, who is outside of Australia; just wait for your emoji license plates patiently.

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