Practical Pet Products

With the advancement in technology not only human life has been made easy and comfortable, also the life of your pets have been made easy. There are lots of new and practical pet products in the market that will make taking care of your feline or canine pet easy and effortless. Few of the practical pet products are as follows.

Crossbody A Series:-

This product is a modern styled pet carrier which allows you to carry either your cat or a small sized dog easily. The pet can also view its surrounding with a built in glass orb window and can breathe easily thorough mesh ventilation. You can tote around with your pet by carrying this carrier with either a handle strap or a shoulder strap. For easier storage you can simply detach the glass orb and fold this bag flat.

Crossbody A Series

Fun Fish Life Jacket:-

This is an orange colored and fish shape life jacket specially designed for your water loving dog. You can put it on your pup when going to swim in a lake or a lagoon. This life jacket can be purchased from for a low price of 30 dollars.

Fun Fish Life Jacket


You feel tired after playing fetch with your pup because he is energetic ad brings balls back easily? Then this iFetch is the gadget for you. With iFetch it will release tennis balls on its own for a distance of 10 to 30 feet and will keep your dog busy for hours. The gadget can be purchased from for a price of only 115 dollars.


Whistle Activity Monitor:-

This product is like a health monitor for canines and felines. Health monitor measures the vital signs like temperature etc, this collar attachment keeps track of rest and moving activities of your pet. This monitor is rechargeable. The monitor not only keeps tracks for movement but also reminds you time for medicines and meals for your pet. The gadget only cost about 80 dollars and can be purchased from

Whistle Activity Monitor

Fishscape Fish Bowl:-

This is one of the most cute and artistic looking fish bowls in the market today. It is not only a hollow bowl but instead it contains inside a hand blow Glass Mountain that will increase the landscape for your fish to move about. This is available only in small size for a price of 97 dollars at

Fishscape Fish Bowl

Readydog K-9 First Aid Kit:-

This is one of the most practical items on our list of practical pet products. Dogs are active in nature especially when they are taken outside for exercise or walks. You can act as a responsible owner by keeping this comprehensive first aid kit for canines. The kit includes not only medicines and tools but also a manual on how to treat animal injuries in certain cases. The piece of this kit is only 90 dollars and can be bought from

Readydog K-9 First Aid Kit

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