Tech Products you never knew you needed for your Pet

While every pet owner has all the necessary gears these days to take care of their pets. Howe in this age of modern science and technology there has been advancements in many things and that involves pet accessories. We brig to you some of the Tech Pet Products that you never knew you needed for your pets.

Furbo Dog Camera:-

Furbo Dog camera allows the owner of a dog to see at all times what their dog does in their absence. The camera machine also comes with another amazing feature. When your dog barks, it sends you a signal. You can not only see what is going on with your pet but also talk to him via built in microphone and speaker.

Furbo Dog Camera

Dyson V6 Top Dog Vacuum:-

Dogs might be fun pet to own but let’s face it they are quite a pig when it comes to cleanliness. They will shed fur around the house, soil the floor with muddy paws and much more. To clean this mess of fur hairs and soil paws caused by your dog you can make use of a powerful Cordless Handheld Vacuum. One of the best cordless vacuums is the Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaner with its turbo power cleaning technology.

Dyson V6 Top Dog Vacuum

Cat2See Kit:-

Cat2See kit is built for cat lovers. If you are away and feeling sad to miss you cat then you can use this Cat2See Kit. This kit not only allows you to see your pet cat but also give it food from an automated food dispenser. For playing and teasing with her you can use a rod holder for moving your cat’s favorite feathered toy.

Cat2See Kit

Squeaker Buddy GPS Illuminating Dog Collar:-

This dog collar is an LED lighted fitness collar combined with many features. The LED lighting not only protects it on the road by making it visible, there is an app for this collar that can be installed on your pone. The app allows you to keep check of your pet’s vital signs like body temperature at all times. You can also keep track of as to how many miles it is away from your home.

GPS Illuminating Dog Collar

The Odin Dog Toy:-

This is not an ordinary pet toy as it can be used to challenge you pet’s mind. These Odin Dog Toys can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats for your dog to discover the treat inside itself. You can connect these toys for making it a little more challenging of it to find the treats.

Odin Dog Toy

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