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These masters of problem solving deserve a round of applause

In this world, there is no problem that you cannot solve. People are so inventive when solving a problem that they make us agape thinking “So, this was an option too?” they are so inventive in solving problems that they can swim in a barrel or either take two pairs of shoes to work.

Today we are amazed by the people in our article who used their difficult situations to their own advantage and we want you to take a look at their ingenuity.

So scroll down to look at these masters of problem-solving deserve a round of applause.

Always have an extra pair of shoes at work, in case your heel breaks


When you can’t afford a real Christmas tree but you still want one

Christmas tree

When you get braces on for Halloween, might as well make it a fun experience


Use the rain to your advantage to add some décor


Taking advantage of the dog’s condition


In Canada, baby walkers with wheels are illegal. So some parents improvise


Finding that silver lining

silver lining

When you only have 3 players and there’s a 4-player minimum, you improvise


When you do not want to set up the second half of the tree. So get creative


When on moto-camping and forget the tent pegs and pole; Improvise

tent pegs

When it’s hot and you don’t have a pool


Nice move

Nice move

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