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Unfortunate Tattoos That Made Their Owners Cry

There are 2 types of tattoos: The “I’m glad that I got it” kind and the “Oops, I think I made a mistake” kind. The people from this compilation took the second route. And some of them are so amazing that they will make you wonder how they even got such a crazy idea.

We have collected evidence that the decision to get a tattoo is not the most important part of the process. It’s much more important to choose the right tattoo artist and design, and here is why.

You’ve got something in your eye, man!

Please tell me this is not his girlfriend!

Well Shit!

These lips… And those ones

She is already regretting this horrific decision of a Tattoo

Hey, mom. I made a mistake

He was too lazy to go to gym

A cheap way to give your girlfriend flowers every day

Self tattooed Darth Vader from an online purchased Tattoo Gun

Yea let’s just get a spider tattoo

Eminem lover…will definitely regret having this

When you desire for a luxury life

When you don’t just like avocados, but you worship them

Expectation vs reality

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