Amazing Things Seen For the First Time in the Animal World

The animal world is filled with many amazing fauna and flora emerging each year and these creatures also present rather bizarre habits to their researchers. Some of the most wonderful discoveries of animal kingdom are also the weirdest ones. Some of these amazing things seen for the first time in animal world are as follows.

The Pompeii Horse

Pompeii Horse

A roman city named Pompeii was devastated by the eruption of the volcano on Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD which led to death of 2000 people. Although donkeys’ mules, cats and dogs casts have been found but never a horse cast was found in the ruins. In 2018, researchers finally found the first horse cast from the ruins of a stable on the outskirts of the city. The further studies revealed that the horse was used for the purposes of parades.

Chameleons Glow in the Dark

Chameleons Glow

In 2018, researchers placed some scaly object under UV light and in response to the scales, many of the chameleons started to glow an electric blue light. The light was nothing new to scientist as the fossils do glow under UV light but this was the first time that living skeletal muscles glowed likes this under the UV light. However this trait is only found in the rain forest dwelling chameleon species.

Dolphin Suffocated By Octopus

Dolphin Suffocated

In 2015 a Bottlenose dolphin was found washed up on the coast of Perth dead with the cause of its death being a Maori Octopus in its mouth. The dolphin seemed to have choked on this octopus a record never been seen before. The autopsy of this Dolphin revealed that one of the tentacles from Octopus was wrapped around the connecting tissue of the blowhole and larynx which disrupted its breathing system and caused him to get suffocated instead o choking to death.

World’s Most Bizarre Squid

Bizarre Squid

In 2018, in the Gulf o Mexico, researchers in their submarines came across a creature with stubby arms which appeared more like tentacles of a squid thousands of meters down in the ocean. Scientist speculated that it is actually the Discoteuthis discus species of squid which has only been seen in fossils and never alive. 

Paramedic Ants

Paramedic Ants

Matabele ants when suffer from hunger pangs attack the nest of termites in large numbers. The termites might have strength to fend tem off but the ants with their numbers and a unique behavior which was recorded in 2017 seem to have upper hand on the termites. These ants when attacking the termites save their wounded members and take them back to the colony a trait seen only in Matabele ant species. These injured ants recover back in few days so naturally their numbers never dwindle that much. These injured ants during combat trigger the pheromones that alert the paramedic ants to come rescue them.

Exploding Ants

Exploding Ants

In 2018 researchers in the forest of Borneo discovered species of new ant that protect and defend their home with a strange ability. These ants house a toxic yellow goo in their behind which they explode when they face a real danger. The enemy gets entangled in this yellow toxic goo and the nest remains secured. Only the minor worker ants do this attack as this kamikaze attack is also lethal to them.

Deer Eating A Human

Deer Eating A Human

In a 26 acre are of land in Texas there ah been multiple reports of dead bodies of humans lying as a result of drug war between Mafia members. The land has been named as Body Farm. Researchers from Texas State University’s Anthropology Department in 2017 were studying the decomposition of a man body left in wild and how the animals would interact with it.

The horrible and most stunning part was that a white tailed deer after been familiar with a dead body for more than 182 days came to the corpse and started eating some part of it. Animal choose the rib bone to eat and chew on it like a cigar.

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