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A 40-year-old single man adopts a girl of only 13 Days Old and suffering from Down Syndrome That Had Been Rejected about 20 Times

Last month of October was about the Down Syndrome and to raise its awareness and one story of that month really caught our eye and we decided to share it with you. The story is about a little girl of only 13 days old who was born with Down Syndrome but had a contagious smile and cheeky yet cute personality. Then there is a single man of 40 years old. The thing is that both of these people share a very special bond which is unbreakable.

This is the story about Alba and Luca and the love they share with each other.

The life for Alba started in a very rough manner with her mother rejecting her as soon as she realized that she was born with a very rare type of medical condition. This was the first of the rejections in the long list that came after that. Luca was born in Italy and many families there tend to adopt children. However, among those adopting families, there is only a handful of them who really even consider adopting a child that would require special assistance in life.

When the cute Alba was only 13 days old, she had already been rejected by over 20 families. Then the right man came on the scene and the lives for both of them changed forever.

Luca Trapanese is a man who had always loved the idea of being a dad. However, the adoption laws in Italy were really conservative until 2017 about a single parent adopting a child. However, even after the law was made legally possible, it was still no easy task.

As Lucas has decided to adopt a child, he wanted it to be a child that had come with a severe illness or some serious disability. As a teenager, Luca suffered a friend going through terminal cancer and he stayed with him until the very end.

He saw that pain and felt its fear and desperation and always knew in his heart that he has to spend his life helping those who are in need of it.

Since his friend died, Lucas has been volunteering at his local church to help people who suffer from critical illnesses and other disabilities. And now when he got a chance to adopt a child with Down Syndrome, he did not back down or was afraid of it. Instead, he felt himself to be ready to take good care of that child.

After Luca got the call from the hospital, he rushed there immediately and found the little princess lying in her little crib. As soon as he saw her, he felt as if a special bond has been developed between the two which was like that of father and child.

Since that day, 18 months have passed and Lava looks very happy all because of one person. Her dad Luca also finds himself to be very lucky and happy. It seems that both of them need each other for this story to be complete.

Now, Alba has a large family with loving uncles, grandparents, and even his dad. All of them love her over the moon and then back and they are willing to shower her with love every single day.


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