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Amazon Music is launching ad-sponsored free tier on the Android, iOS, and Fire TV

At the start of the year, Amazon started offering its users a free music streaming service Amazon Music, which was ad-sponsored on their Echo Speakers as well as the other Alexa devices.

This free music streaming service offers access to the Top stations and the playlists which were quite different from Amazon’s selection of the on-demand music that a user gets with their membership of Amazon Prime. As for the subscribers of the Amazon Unlimited, they need not worry about these ads.

The company has officially rolled out the free music streaming tier; Amazon Music for its millions of customers on products like Android devices, iPhones, iPads and the company’s very own Fire TV. With the free of cost Amazon Music, users, especially music lovers, will be able to listen to thousands of the stations which will be based on the song, era, genre, and artist. Users of the Amazon Music can also access the Amazon Music’s ad-sponsored free tier on the web dress ‘’.

For using this free version, now Amazon Prime subscription will be required an also no billing or credit card method. The only thing required for using the free ad-sponsored Amazon Music’s tier, users will need their Amazon accounts.

Other music streaming options from Amazon:-

Nowadays, Amazon has come up with lots of different options for music streaming. Some of the notable ones are as follows.

Amazon Music HD:-

This streaming service offers the lossless version for the Amazon Music Unlimited with the lossless quality for over 50 million songs while millions are also available in high-resolution quality. The subscription fee for this service for the Prime customers is about 12.99 dollars per month while or no Prime customers, it is 14.99 dollars.

Amazon Music Unlimited:-

This is the standard music streaming service for a monthly subscription. The price of subscription for Pire members is about 7.99 dollars per month while for the non-Prime members; it is 9.99 dollars per month.

Amazon Music Unlimited on a single device:-

This service is limited for use of Fire TV and Echo speakers for a monthly subscription of 3.99 dollars.

Amazon Prime Music:-

This service is offered for on-demand access to nearly 2 million+ songs for only the Prime subscribers. The Prime membership is included free.

Amazon Music Free:-

This service gives access to the playlists with thousands of stations streaming music and also includes audio advertisements.

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