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Highly Misleading Photos That Make Us Look Twice

If you think that there’s nothing special about these photos, you might be wrong. They’re interesting because of unusual perspective, pranks of nature, or just our imagination.

We invite you to look closely at these photos and be surprised by the world’s diversity and curiosities. There’s a bonus at the end of the article that was created by a real-life optical illusion.

Is the giant squirrel trying to get into that car?

This might seem like an entrance to a parallel reality, but is actually an ordinary waterfall

Dishes look like they’re covered with a food wrap, but it’s just ice

Sweet potato that looks like a real seal

This is a photo of a single Anteater with overgrown fur

2 houses keeping a close eye on each other

What is going on here? I’m completely stumped at this

This baby has huge feet

Dog man relaxing

Gigantic dog and hobbit lady

Avocado pit left out in the sun now looks like a mythical egg of sorts

While some might see a Panda but it’s actually a cat’s butt

An ordinary walnut that looks like Chewbacca

Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age

Do you remember this movie scene?

These Plants look like people at a music festival

cats look like they were cross-stitched onto the carrier

Ice on the windshield looks like a lot of small birds

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