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Hilarious products names

Naming is the most important for branding a product and it happens to be one of the major components of making a product great. In essence the name of the product is given with aspect of featuring its qualities along with signifying its own strengths. This is why a lot of research is done by major companies in just giving the right name to their product.

The world is full of billions of people and any group of people in certain area has their own tradi6tons as well as their own language. Giving a funny name to a product is also kind of a marketing strategy to make it stand out in the shelves.

While there are many products that are given funny names, for our readers we have selected today a list of products with most hilarious names.  Some of these names are just a result of plain laziness but they are sure to make you laugh. Scroll down the list to look for yourself.

Retar Dex; a toothpaste doctors recommend

Retar Dex

I am sure the marketing team had other intentions and this is only a typo of large scale

marketing team

This is jut straight up hilarious; get it Straight up!


When you eat it you can’t stop barfing; as advertised


This seems like a thing in some countries

pet sweat

Urinal; the place you will run after drinking


This picture and name alone is enough to feel intense pain

intense pain

To make a person retarded or to get him fixed?!


Clearly an erotic food for an erotic night

erotic food

When marketing team goes too far in branding


Are the gloves only for this specific use?!

band job

I am sure this company got sued for some reason


A direct message

direct message

A milk especially for Homos


Natural Cola

Natural Cola

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