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Real Life heroes who don’t give a damn even if an explosion happens in front of them

What is courage? In definition of great Franklin Roosevelt, Courage is actually the absence of fear; instead it is assessment of something that is more important than fear”. Insinuating form that we can say that Courage is actually not caring what is happening around us.

World is full of such people who just don’t seem to care what is happening around them and even if a explosion happens in front of them they will keep doing what they are doing.

Our list of today contains pictures of such real life heroic and courageous people who don’t give a damn about what is happening and not even an explosion in front of them will deter them from their chillness. Don’t believe us? Scroll down for yourself to look at these daredevil people who remain utterly calm in scary situations.

There is nothing good than relaxing in the flood

Chilling in the subway just like at home

Daily bath is very important for hygiene and no place is not too good for bathing; be it in public

When flood hits and you still have a craving for Crabs

Zombies; pisssh you can’t scare me

When you want to spend honeymoon in a private place

When you forget the shampoo and desperately need one today

I don’t see no rule, what you gonna do about it

The warmest place is the best

First day at swimming lessons. Zero f**ks given

Ice what ice?! All I see is the parking spot

In Russia tanks are given zero F**ks

My life my rules…any problem?!

To him game is more important than even his house

One of a kind parking lot

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