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Hilariously Obvious Signs That Are So Unnecessary It Hurts

Signs exist for the sole purpose of providing guidance and to keep you from violating rules that could put your life in danger. At their best, signs are clear, direct, and exceptionally helpful.

Sometimes, though, signs can be confusing, unclear, and a little, well… pointless to say the absolute least. To say the sign makers didn’t think things through would be an understatement.

So, without further ado, here are few signs that are so obviously useless that you might have a hard time believing they even exist!

Damn it! And you only buy things made in Uranus.

I never would have known


Thanks…I guess

So much information, So many choices

I never would have known

You don’t say.

Wow I never knew

We’re all at risk

Not actual size

Just a friendly reminder

Balcony Is a Balcony

Maybe your trees don’t. The ones in Lord of the Rings did.

Checking Baby’s Diapers

If you’re reading this sign and it helps you in any way, it might already be too late for both you and your car.

Do Not Sit On Fence

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