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Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables

Have you ever found a fruit or vegetable that looks like something else? We collected another list of the weirdest specimens that look like animals, body-parts, or even people! The ones that look like people are particularly distressing because we have a tendency to anthropomorphize them, or imagine them with other human characteristics.

Duck-shaped Tomato

The radish was about to run away

Strawberry Shaped Like A Butterfly

Strawberry Chicken

Mother and Child Vegetables Sharing a Moment Together

Bear-shaped Potato

Foot Shaped Radish with Five Toes

Owl Apple

Emo Carrot

Carrot Bustin a Move

Horror veggies

That’s pretty hot!

Long-faced Eggplant

Pumpkin Stem Looks like a Dragon!

The Fruit Gotham Deserves

Yo, Adrian!

Are there geese or squash?

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