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How-to guide for stopping Netflix autoplay

The pleas by many of the Netflix customers have finally been answered by the company as now they have offered a way for disabling the nuisance which is autoplaying videos when the Netflix user browses on the home screen. If you are a user of Netflix and are tired of all the trailers for the movies or shows that automatically start playing whenever you pause briefly on their selection, then the option of stopping Netflix is the thing you have been waiting for.

The one thing that a user of Netflix needs to know is that this setting can only be changed by signing into Netflix via web browser and currently there is no way of doing this from the Netflix app on the smartphone, TV or tablet.

Stopping Netflix autoplay:-

Still, the process of stopping Netflix autoplay is really simple and we have broken it down into following simpler steps.

  • User needs to sign in to their Netflix account on the web browser.
  • After that user needs to click on their Profile Photo located on the upper right corner of the page and select the option “Manage Profiles.”
  • There, the user needs to choose the profile they want for disabling the Netflix autoplay. Beneath the options like profile name, parent controls, and language, there will be a section that says “Autoplay Controls”.

  • Users can uncheck the option “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices”. Checking this option will prevent Netflix from starting the next episode automatically when a user is streaming a TV series. The thing is that this option has been there for many years now but ordinary users do not notice it.
  • Users can also uncheck the option “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices” for stopping the clips from playing when they are navigating around the home screen of Netflix and other sections of the streaming service. This is that new setting, which lets the users browse the service without a trailer of a video content starting up automatically when the pause on its title during browsing.

Any of the changes made here will be applied over all of the user’s devices where they use Netflix. There will be a little delay before this chosen setting takes effect. For avoiding this, the user needs to switch to another profile of their Netflix account and then switch back to their own. If that does not work, the user needs to log out of their Netflix account and then log back in. after this, the Netflix autoplay will be disabled.

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