How to guide for transferring the older Android apps in a new smartphone

Smartphone apps are easy to download and install. You just need to make a few clicks and boom the app is downloaded but you never have the direct access to the downloaded app. The thing is that our smartphone actually takes up this inner working of the app downloading and installing.

While most phone owners never need to see the source of these files but sometimes there arises a need like when you switch to a new smartphone and see that your favorite app is now available on this new Play Store.

For such cases, Android does have a solution where user can find and vase their favorite app files from their old phone and then transfer it to the new device for a manual installation.

For our readers today, we present to you the how-to guide for transferring the older Android apps in a new smartphone.

From the old Device:-

  • First, download the app “APK Extractor Pro” form the Play Store which is available free or without ads costs 99 cents


  • Open the app to accept the terms and to grant it permission to have access to the files present on the device
  • Locate the app that needs to be saved and tap on the 3-Dot menu icon placed beside it

  • Choose “Share” option and then select the destination where the user will be able to have access to the file on their new smartphone. Files can be saved on either Google Drive or can be emailed to one’s self.

On the New Device:-

  • Locate the file that has been shared on Google Driver or by emailing or by another means. This file will have a long name that will start with the title of the app and ending with ‘.apk’.

  • Tap this file to open it and by this point, the phone will present a warning message that the user is not allowed to install unknown apps

  • Now comes the tricky part. For the user of Android 8 (Oreo) or the later, you need to tap on the ‘Settings’ and then authorize the specific app where the file has been shared for allowing them to install unknown apps. For the older versions of Android, when the user taps the ‘Settings’ they will be sent to a screen where they will give permission for unknown app installation on a system-wide level.

  • Tap the back button & follow the prompts by the device to install this new app on your device.

  • After the app is installed it will appear in the device’s app drawer and the device will also show a message that offers the assistance to open the app instantly.

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