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People Who Accidentally Screwed Up, and It Was Dramatic

We all have our fair share of failures in life and we have also her f the many failure stories from others as well. People who have the worst failures often tend to share their stories with the whole world and when they share their stories, others normally do not even say a word about these situations because they are full of embarrassment.

However, there is also a lesson in these stories that we should avoid doing such mistakes in life as well. But the most important thing that we learned from these stories is that a person should maintain a sense of humor even in the face of such awkward fails as they will lower the sense of embarrassment.

Today we have found some people who once wished that it would have been better if the ground swallowed them whole and now they only smile when they think about those times.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these people who accidently screwed up and it was dramatic.

Impossible to forget

Impossible to forget

It’s been going for 4 hours and I need to present my master’s thesis in 7 minutes


Confusion is everywhere


He just wanted to help the bird…

How to sentence yourself in one second


Think about this lady’s words


I’m just going to lay down right here…

I’ll never make a pie again


Because you don’t usually do silly things near boys you don’t like


It took me 2 days to figure out that the giant spider was actually tomato leaf

giant spider

Went to class today really thinking I had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter

kitchen counter

The fail of the year


You can’t imagine how embarrassing this was


When you want to pretend you’re shaving your eyebrows and accidentally do it


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