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People Who Are the Real Kings of Pranks

This world is full of people who just can’t live without pranks. And some of them are really successful in their “hobby.”

We have gathered photos showing that some people were born to joke. And we must admit that they succeeded.

Friend turned the other friend’s floor into a golf course

This kid decided to pull a prank on dentist

Office colleagues wrapped everything in foil paper of another colleague

Prank Wars; 1,100 plastic cups filled with water for my neighbor

Photoshop prank

Office Employees Prank War. These doors are 426 ft (130 m) away from each other

Playful war between 2 construction offices

Shower Curtain Prank

Best office prank

Scare your colleague with the help of a Prank Device.

April fool’s Day in the office

Right way to create a mystery

Neighbors went to the cinema to watch movie “It”. When they come home, it’ll be already dark outside

Someone wanted their sandwich cut in half but were non-specific as to how

College Prank War; Friends turned the room into a freaking Princess Room

Colleagues hide the coffee mug of another colleague

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