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Photos That Give Us Millions of Questions

Sometimes the life gives us some of the most extraordinary and craziest of moments. Some of the moments are so crazy that instead of explaining the situation, they give us more questions. For example, why does a bear sits in a Lambo or is the Pink Pigeon a relative of Flamingo family? All of these questions and many more leave us scratching our heads.

Today we have made a list of such confusing and crazy situations that left us scratching our heads. Can you find the sense in them?

Scroll down to look for yourself at these photos that give us millions of questions.

What a nice trio!


Don’t mind me


Security is the main thing.


That was the last thing I expected to find in a bathroom stall.

bathroom stall

Only old-fashioned people use their hands and legs


And what do you know about partying?


This guy is fishing in an empty ditch on a busy highway, wearing a life jacket and Burger King hat, while sitting on a bike that has a buoy attached

Burger King hat

“My friend works at a pet store and she sent me this


Woman at a gas station using gasoline to clean her bumper


When the mall is flooded but you still need a coffee break

coffee break

Any idea what’s going on?


Nothing special, just a bear in a Lambo


Found at a gas station in my city

gas station

Why is there a lonely cow at the beach?


A modern knight in chain armor made of can tabs

chain armor

It’s raining a little bit in Florida… That’s a dolphin in a backyard


Buddy of mine works at a pizza place. Went into the back to grab something…

pizza place

Modern art is confusing.

Modern art

Just gonna get some work done real quick

real quick

Mixed power and stretching.


Today on my flight it was a passenger’s birthday, so a flight attendant made him a crown out of peanut bags and those little swords that they put in cocktail drinks


That moment when you suddenly don’t need to go to the restroom anymore


It’s a pink pigeon. That’s it.

pink pigeon

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