Shocking Video Of Nurse Inflating Healthy Lungs Vs Smoker’s; This Is What Cigarette Do To A Person

As soon as a person takes that first puff of a cigarette, it starts to harm their body. Cough and other warning signs of similar nature are not enough to allow smokers to kick their bad habit. However, our today video is certainly going to help them.

Amanda Eller is a nurse from North Carolina who shared some pretty graphics comparison between healthy lungs and those of a chain smoker. The difference is truly an eye-opener.

The video is easy to tell which pair of lungs are healthy and which are not. The healthy lungs look pinkish red while those of a patient who smoked 1 pack of cigarette for 20 years looked charred as if in a fire.

The voice in the rerecording explains that these unhealthy lungs are COPD, cancerous lungs whose elastance has long gone. They will inflate but their recoil will cause them to snap right back. Elastance is the ability of lungs to snap right back after exhaling. If the elastance is reduced, it means that lungs are now stiff and they work insufficiently to bring the required air to the body leaving the possessor of such lungs breathless.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the overall mortality rate of the smokers including both men and women is as much as 3 times higher than that of the nonsmokers.

Cigarettes result in a death every five minutes while killing millions across the globe. However, it is never too late to get rid of this nasty habit. For those who are looking for a motivation to quit smoking hear this. If a person quits smoking before the age of 40 years, they have reduced the risk of dying from smoking-related diseases by 90 percent.

Amada Eller is the nurse who shared the video of the healthy VS smoker’s lungs comparison on social media.

Amada Eller


To show the difference between the two lungs, she inflated the healthy lungs first.

healthy lungs

She made a video to show that the healthy-looking lungs not only look Pinkish Red but also work properly.

Next was the run of the Cancerous lungs which were damaged by 20 years of smoking one cigarette pack a day.

bad lungs

Their elastance was long gone. They would stretch out but would recoil right back.


This striking difference between the two lungs is clear in the following video.

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