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Top apps about Climate Change to help raise awareness about changing climate

Climate Change is one of the ever-growing concerns in the world of today. The problem is huge in essence but there are only a few solutions that can really be called actionable. Don’t believe us, simply take a look at these facts; July was recorded as the hottest month this year and the 18 out the last nineteen years have been recorded to tee the warmest in human history. Also, the rate of CO2 emission in the atmosphere is rising at an unprecedented rate.

Although all the cities and their numerous politicians hold the key to solving this major issue, you can also play in your part by raising awareness about climate change through certain apps.

The smartphone is not only a device of communication or entertainment; it can become your voice to start conversing with billions across the world about the danger that is Climate Change.

In order to help you become a Climate Change advocate, we bring to you the following top apps about Climate Change to help raise awareness about changing the climate.

WWF Together: For those who love animals

The first app on the list is WWF Together which has been created by “World Wildlife Fund”. The app works by sharing he stories about the species that have suffered direct impact from climate change. The changes are shown through clear cut visuals and videos.

The app also offers news about wildlife animals such as Pandas, and Elephants besides providing the information related to conservation efforts of these and many other animals.

The app can also be used by anyone for free only on an iOS device.

Earth-Now: For the newbie climate scientists

Earth-Now is an app developed by NASA on presenting climatic changes. It is available for use on iOS and Android for free. The app helps the users to visualize the data of the global climate recently as it pulls information straight from the satellites on a globe form to provide the users with the current Climate Condition or any Vital Climate sign.

The globe is color-coded and indicates the measurements of the specific environmental condition. This app is the ideal choice for those who love to keep track of the climatic changes.

UN Climate Change: For a Policy person

The app named UN Climate Change is brought to the world by none other than the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The app works by providing the users any updated information related to the process of UN Climate Change so that the users can also take part in the events of UNFCCC from right their smartphone.

In order to keep the users informed, the pp also provides an event calendar, up-to-date news, and another climate-related helpful links. The app is free to download on both Android and iOS.

WWF Free Rivers: For learning about climate

WWF Free Rivers is another app by World Wildlife Fund which is to show its users as to how important the rivers are for the Earth. The app also gives information as to how human activity over the past has impacted these rivers. In addition to this, the app also presents the information as to why we humans need to preserve these rivers and keep them flowing for our own benefit.

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An artist turned the 100000 Plastic Bottle into a floating island and the message he sent is disturbing

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