Twitter soon to allow users post their iOS Live Photos as GIFs

Live Photos taken by the Apple camera options on their iOS is one of the cool features of the Apple iPhones that allow for your ordinary pictures to come to life the ones in the Harry Potter universe. However when a person posts that Live Photos on their Twitter account, the social media platform only allows for these photos to be viewed as a still photo which takes the magic away from these Live Photos.

The only other option to post your Live Photos on the Twitter account was to make use of conversion software to covert these Live Photos into GIF files and then post them as a GIF on your Twitter account. But the work is so long that not many out there tend to go through the hassle of all this.

However, all of this is changing now as Apple has announced to its millions of users that they can now also post their Live Photos directly in form of GIFs on the social media platform and this will require no conversion. The platform will do the conversion of the photo to GIF on its own

How to post Live Photos as GIFs:-

This new feature of posting Live Photos as GIFs is a really simple one epically if the user is making use of the iOS app for Twitter.  When creating a Tweet’s draft, a user needs to select the photo from their camera roll and then tap on the button titled “GIF” located in the bottom left corner of their photo in their Tweet composing window. Then when the person posts that Live Photos, it will be posted as a GIF.

We also think of these Live Photos to be a really fun way of capturing photos as it gives them a very magical feeling. This new feature from Twitter is going to be a surefire hit amongst millions of iPhone users across the globe.

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