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Rewound is the new app which can turn an iPhone into an iPod

For those of you, who have always wished for the iPod click wheel to be on their iPhone screen, then be happy as there is now a new app that can do that for your iPhone. The name of the app is Rewound which as the name suggests is going to bring back the iconic music player look of Apple iPod on the modern touchscreen. The app named Rewound is the basic music player app that is available on the App Store of Apple.

This app makes use of the downloadable skins for transforming the iPhone to not only iPod but many other forms as well.  The app can sync with the user’s Apple Music library as well.  Rewound also comes with haptic feedback so this makes it feel and look more and more like the classic iPod.

The developer of Rewound named Louis Anslow working for the agency called Rethought was working on the app for the last 1 year. Their idea was to bring back the buttons and the nostalgia for devices such as iPods. Anslow says, “With Rewound, you can now program the physical appearance of the device. It can now become anything.”

How Rewound works:-

Despite Anslow not marketing Rewound as an app that can transform one’s iPhone to an iPod, it still is their main purpose. The app has been allowed to be on the App Store along with skins being downloaded from the App Store and then installed on the app.

Current and Future Support of Rewound:-

At the moment, Rewound only offers support for Apple Music but they have plans to provide support for Spotify as well. Anslow also revealed that he is currently working on a particular iPhone widget that will work as a mini music player. If that happens, users will be able to enjoy the nostalgic iPod Nano from their device’s locked screen.

Other developers working on similar apps:-

Other than Anslow, many other developers are working on different apps that aim to transform an iPhone into an iPod. One such developer is known as Elvin Hu who is a design student studying at the Cooper Union College located in New York City. He is working on a very similar app that aims to include a click wheel as well as a Cover Flow Apple user interface. He is currently working on the app and it might be available on the App Store if Apple allows for it.

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