Wearable ACs from Sony will come a year too late

Sony, the world-renowned company has announced the news of their small cooling device that a user can wear and it will work as an air conditioner. Sony named it “Reon Pocket”.

Reon Pocket

This neat little gadget is currently live on Sony’s website for crowdfunding where the prices of the device start at about ¥12,760 which is roughly 117 dollars. The device can be placed in the slot located behind the specially designed shirts. This device will not only keep a person cool on a warm summer day but also hot on a chilly winter day.

Reon Pocket

Unfortunately, the shipping date for Reon Pocket is for March 2020 and this means that it will be a year too late for this year’s summer heat. With the temperatures rising throughout the globe, anyone would love to have their hands on this amazing device to keep them cool.

The Reon Pocket works with the Peltier Effect. The device uses the small electrical current to either absorb the heat or give it back to us. The device can be controlled with its accompanying app. Sony plans to add in an automatic mode for this device as well.

Tokyo Summer

According to Sony company, Reon Pocket can cool a person’s temperature by 12 Degrees Celsius or heat them up 8 degrees Celsius. As for the battery life, Sony says that the device can work for a full 24 hours upon a single USB charge. The USB used to charge this device is a Type-C.

own body thermostat devices

While this is a surprise, there still have been many other companies that offered their own body thermostat devices in the past. First was the “Embr Wave” that was dolled pout back in 2018 at the CES.

own body thermostat devices

watch functions

The thing that makes Reon Pocket unique is the size of this device. Sony’s promotional video claims that this device will easily be able to fit inside a regular style business shirt.

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