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Absurd Signs only are for stupid people

The reason behind putting up sign is to provide the onlookers with instructions, warnings or information about certain things. It is a generally accepted fact that signs are there to just help us understand the nature of a thing. If they can’t even do that, then what’s the purpose behind erecting something this absurd?

However, there are still these kinds of signs in existence throughout the world. The signs that we present today are so absurd that they literally are for stupid people because a normal human being is capable of understanding such things on their own.

Scroll down to look at the list of Absurd Signs that are for stupid people only. If you have learned something from these signs; then kudos to you, actually not. Go seek some help.

This sign just saved my life; I was planning on riding that crocodile


Really! You cannot swallow the hangers!


That’s just downright inhuman


Sometimes you can use them to blow dry your wet phones too; no, nobody tried t before?

wet phones

What in the God’s name is the meaning of this!

God's name

Are you drunk or something on your job mister?!

job mister

I don’t think a normal person would do that

normal person

That fifth one made me ROFL


True Dat; otherwise one day you would end up marrying a fish

marrying a fish

Hahahaha; keep your opinions to yourself


Getting that extra energy when coffee doesn’t seem to do the trick


Someone would eventually show up, No?!

show up

Stating the obvious


This is just cruel


Again, one hell of a twisted sign

twisted sign

I think the person who did this had nothing better to do


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