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Hilarious and Funny people who have set their priorities clear

Sometimes it might be hard to choose what’s really crucial at the moment and sometimes you can make a decision without even thinking. But, there are people who have their priorities straight once and forever.

Today we’ve collected a set of funny images of people with clear priorities. And we’d like to share those with you.

Scroll down to look the hilarious and funny photos of people who have set their priorities clear.

This household only welcomes Pizza


Cat is love

Cat is love

When your girlfriend loves the other good boy


Traffic Police know what is important

Traffic Police

When you have your priorities all cleared up


Who cares about the roof and walls?

roof and walls

Little ones know their priorities in life too.


Sorry girls, gaming is number 1 priority


A bad weather is no excuse to wear shoes inside the house


My choice in life is Pizza not babies


No matter how hot she is, the cat is number 1


So what if it is a riot, beauty is my priority


Can someone get my bags? I’m too busy


I am an organ donor, and I know what’s critical

organ donor

TV is the only thing that matters


Fishing comes above food and transportation


When you just can’t take your eyes off the screen


At Dublin Zoo; Animal safety is above anything else

Dublin Zoo

Take only the necessities when hiking


getting the ride clean is the main priority

ride clean

Cheetos is love


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