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Nail Arts that have gone horribly wrong

When it comes to makeup women will try anything and I mean literally everything. From bizarre clothes to shocking make to the bizarre nail arts. What do they call this? T is all in the name of fashion and keeping up with the trends.

Some women try to get some ideas off of internet and experiment on them and they undoubtedly have gone wrong to an extreme e3xtent.

Today we bring to our readers few of such women that tried to up their nail art game which obviously went horribly wrong.

Scroll down to look for yourself at some of these Nail arts that have gone horribly wrong.

A side note; these nail arts are not copyrighted so if you want to try one or two for yourself, knock yourself out at your own expense.

This is What Happens When Toddlers Paint Nails


Not Sure If Christmas tree, or a Demented Starfish

She must have used 8 pounds of decorations for this nail art

nail art

Try growing flowers in the garden next time Missy


Creepy eye nail art; save it for Halloween

eye nail art

Mini Mustaches; for that Chic look


One question for this diva; How do you wear shoes?


One word from me; Disgusting


Star Wars nail art; expectation vs. reality

To me, this looks frightening


For a horror movie enthusiast or downright cuckoo crazy person

cuckoo crazy

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