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An Uber ride can easily become one of your life’s most memorable

Awards for Best Supporting Actors are given at the major award shows for a reason. These supporting background roles are the important thing that allows the story of a movie or on TV show stand out.

Following this we have also compiled a list of such ordinary pictures that were actually made much better with hilarious backgrounds. The list contains a bunch of photos that are results of a savage photobomb to things that ought to have stay out of the backgrounds. These images are indeed once in a life time shots that these photographers are definitely going to narrate to their grandchildren one day.

Scroll down to look at these ordinary pictures made much better with hilarious backgrounds. Try to avoid doing yourself the same mistake. Heck if you want to make such a picture you can use these ideas at your disposal too.

That Million dollars smile

Million dollars smile

Queen Elizabeth photobombs the hockey players Selfie

Queen Elizabeth

The cat is right behind me isn’t it?


Funny background delivered by Dolphin at Water Park

Dolphin at Water Park

Old ‘Slash’ fan does not realize that Slash is right behind her

Old Slash fan

Once in a lifetime photobomb


The mirrors don’t lie at all


Mirror strikes again

Mirror strikes

What the hell are you searching for young lady

young lady

This kid thinks of her dad is a BIG Weirdo

BIG Weirdo

Taking Selfie with BFF is great until a spider Photobombs in it

Taking Selfie with BFF

Mama’s big Muscle man

Muscle man

Oh Bae, You are embarrassing me


Another mama’s boy

mama’s boy

Modern day ‘Psycho’


Someone seems pissed


He looks stunning in his wedding dress

wedding dress

When you hate to be in school; play dead

play dead

I am not the only one actually seeing this shark smiling!

shark smiling

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