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Latest hack that lets gamers play Google Stadia on their smartphone without the need of a controller

Google Stadia, the cloud gaming service has offered its customers access to a wide number of game titles. However, there is one drawback in Google Stadia, which is the requirement for players to still play the games using a controller. But one Reddit user and a gamer has found a solution to this problem on his own. The man goes by his Reddit username SmashShcok who created a unique workaround that allows for touch gaming on the Android smartphone without a need for any app. 

The subreddit thread was spotted by tech media group Android Central, which seemed to have popped over last weekend. This TouchStadia adds the controller directly over a gamers’ smartphone which then turns any game to be played in a touch-based experience. While it is really hard to replicate those feelings of playing a game on the keyboard or a controller for games that require certain precision, it is still a worthwhile substitution for the one that looks for an easy and quick fix to the problem.

This TouchStadia feature, which is its unofficial name, has to be first enabled on Chrome in an Android smartphone and then installed through an extension while a user is browsing in the desktop mode. This is the GitHub page that offers the entire instructions on enabling this TouchStadia feature. As for the working of the feature, see it in the video below.

Google Stadia has been launched only a year ago and they are improving it with each passing day with newer features and are also bringing new game titles to the cloud gaming service. Last week, Google Stadia announced that they would add 4 of the SteamWorld titles in its library sometime later this year.

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