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These celebrities could be the king of photobombing

Currently, there are about 7.6 billion people in the world. This is one of the main reasons that whenever you take a photo outside of your home, there is a chance that someone will photobomb it. Sometimes these photobombers actually make the strangest of the background expressions that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of photobombing pictures to surface over the internet.

Celebrities are also like normal people, they also like to photobomb. In essence of this fact, we have decided to let our readers be entertained with photobombs of the celebrities to ordinary people’s photos.

These celebrities have tried their best to make the epic photobombs in a hilarious manner.

Scold down to look at these celebrities that could be the King of Photobombing.

This is the reason that Jenifer Lawrence won the Oscars

Jenifer Lawrence

Photobombing runs in the Royal British family

Royal British family

This photo was made better by Rihana in it


Prince Harry is a King of photobombing

Prince Harry

Photobombed by the hottest people in the world

Photo bombed

This person tried to secretly snap a picture Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield eating dinner; guess they found out about her intention

Andrew Garfield

The perks of being friends with George Clooney

George Clooney

Must’ve been terrifying to see Arya Stark behind you

Arya Stark

Jake Gyllenhaal is a pro at photobombing

Jake Gyllenhaal

James Harden keeping up with the Kardashians

James Harden

Tom Hanks photobombed Elisabeth and Ryan’s wedding photoshoot

Tom Hanks

These 2 are just incredible


Brothers will be brothers forever


Neil Patrick Harris ruining a perfect family photo

Neil Patrick Harris

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