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Budsies; A Company that Turns Children’s Drawings Into Cuddly Plush Toys

Almost every child in the world loves to draw out something that they seem to see through theory imagination. Some parents tend to paste these pictures of their kid’s creativity on their fridges or the walls as the masterpieces but in the end, this is all they can really do.

Fortunately for us, we live in the world full of innovations and technologies so it was not long that a person came up with a plan to turn these cute pictures of the kids into real live plush toys. And we got to say, the result of this is amazingly good.

The company that converts these pictures into plush toys is known as Budsies which was founded back in 2013 by a man named Alex Furmansky. Alex founded this company after getting inspired by his own little sister and her drawings. One day, seeing her kid sister sleeping all tucked in with her plush toys, Alex thought to himself, What if I could make her drawings into a toy to make them last forever?

He acted upon his idea and borrowed one of his sister’s drawings and made a dog-like creature which his sister named as Dongler. As soon as the first Budsie was born, there came many other following it.

The representative of Budsies, Melissa told media, “At first most orders were to convert children drawings doodles as well as tier other artwork. Now we are also getting orders of detailed characters, book characters as well as team mascots.”

The idea is truly limitless and it seems so cute and amazing to see.

For our readers we have gathered a list of few of the best examples of the Budsies; a company that turns children’s drawings into cuddly plush toys down below.









































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