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Design fails that resulted in someone being fired

People are lazy creatures who often do not take their work very seriously. Due to their laziness an unwillingness to perform well at work it brings the birth of some really weird masterpieces.

Today we have compiled a list of designer fails that are clearly too lazy at their job and were probably fired for their epic design fails. Form a glass wall bathroom stalls to designing doors of hospital like coffins they will all amaze you at the sheer laziness of these designers. Scroll down to look for yourself at these design fails that resulted in someone getting fired for sure.

Dora seem to have packed a few extra pounds on her


New breed of dogs

New breed of dogs

Just a little lower would have been perfect


That’s a fail… wait…it actually makes it extra creepy

extra creepy

That is actually a wasp


Oh its two; I read something else

Oh its two

Coffin Shaped design on Hospital windows; that’s a pretty cruel joke

Coffin Shaped

Wrong idea to bold the first letter

Wrong idea

That’s some poor advertisement

poor advertisement

Who knew there were so many Shades of Grey,

Shades of Grey

This designer who has no concern for privacy


Wanna slim down in an instant? Buy this special measuring tape


I don’t understand this sign at all


These are the greatest seats in the stadium…NOT!


Who has coin like fingers to hold this cup?!

hold this cup

Italian designer went too far in creating this mirror art

Italian designer

I am not happy to see this design


Don’t tell me what to do!


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