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Photos You Would Need a Handbook to Understand

Are you aware that there is a rapper in the world who is actually quite renowned and goes by the name of “Logic”? Well, there is and we believe that he might have something in common with our list of photos today.

These pictures defy the common sense and it would be a great help to understand them if they come with a handbook of their own.

We love a good riddle once in a while, but these riddle of pictures have left us with our mouth agape. We see ourselves ailing to see any logic behind them and so we decided to present it to you, our readers. Can you see any logic behind them?

Well if you do then you are just as bizarre as these pictures. Just kidding.

Scroll down to look for yourself at these photos for which you would need a handbook to understand.

I don’t even know how this is possible


This mask will cost you ¥10 at a shop in Guangzhou China. Who on earth would buy it?


These shoes I found at Nordstrom are made out of paper


Hangers that show the number of Facebook likes for each item in the store


This photo of a man that looks like Albert Einstein beside the Waldo arm

Albert Einstein

Target! Why is there a head of cabbage in a bouquet of flowers?


Found this car covered in artificial grass on the way home from a car show

artificial grass

Tampa Police cruiser is in real trouble

Tampa Police

Candle stopped candling


Snoopy’s real face


A different choice of grapes on one branch


Copy-paste gone wrong


Regret doing that photoshoot yet?


Well done


My wife bought this dress online for $2 for my daughter to wear to Disney World. I regret pointing it out

Disney World

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