Hilarious Photos Showing the Humor Behind the Craziness of Dieting

According to a survey report, nearly 75 percent of the population of women around the globe went on a diet. We also know that diet is an incredibly tough conviction for any person and not even the strongest will can survive through it. However, in this world, there are still some people, who treat their diet and slimming process alongside humor and sarcasm.

Today we have put together a number of photos that can be understood by the person who has ever tried to lose some weight.

So scroll down to look at these hilarious photos showing the humor behind the craziness of dieting.

That’s where the diet ended

diet ended

The best ad of the year!


Someone made a resolution to eat only one cookie a day

one cookie

When on diet, family support is priceless


Here’s a menu for those who are on a diet


When your husband supports you sticking to your diet


A birthday cake for those who are losing weight

birthday cake

When you count your calories but are desperate to drink some soda


Diet Coke is the main thing

Diet Coke

There’s no need to take care of your figure anymore


I’m on a diet. My roommate bought this


She said we should lose weight and replace bread with healthy crisps

healthy crisps

When the weight turned out to be different than expected

weight turned

An excellent choice for those who are trying to lose weight

lose weight

A sign from above!


When you’re on a diet and say you will have just one chip…

one chip

A perfect solution

perfect solution

A day before the diet starts

diet starts

It’s still pizza!” my wife said. I’m on a diet


An easy way to get the perfect body!

perfect body

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