Social Media Star, Benjaphorn Sine Chetsadakan’s Perfect Low-Cost Cosplay Recreations Of Celebrity Looks

The Thai social media star is not your average run of the mil cosplayer. All of her signature cosplay designs actually have that one special ingredient that makes them truly mouthwatering for the viewers.

The journey for ‘Benjaphorn Sine Chetsadakan’ began three years ago when this plus-sized model managed to get noticed ion social media with her recreation of the Thai actress named Araya “Chompoo” Hargate. In that recreation, Benjaphorn Sine Chetsadakan recreated the look of the famed actress from her Red Carpet look at the Cannes Film Festival. In that cosplay, Benjaphorn Sine Chetsadakan used a bag of prawn crackers she actually got from her mother’s grocery store. Since then, Sine’s fame has only skyrocketed on Instagram with her now having more than 76.1 thousand followers.

The 22 years old Thai delicacy designer slash cosplayer Benjaphorn Sine Chetsadakan started doing these recreations as a way to promote her own plus-size clothing shop. In an interview, Benjaphorn Sine Chetsadakan told the local media that, “originally I planned to be an inspiration for all the plus-sized women in the world. I wanted to show these women that even I can put on clothes and still look beautiful. This is why, in the beginning when I started this; I started by wearing everyday clothes. From thereon, all of this escalated.”

For our readers today we have gathered some of the newest pictures of this cosplayer which contains cosplay of heroes to stars.

So scroll down to look at these social media star Benjaphorn Sine Chetsadakan’s perfect low-cost cosplay recreations of celebrity looks.



Luxury Yichuan

Poem Dress

Alita Battle Angel

Katy Perry


Dust Scatter

Concept Furniture

Story Of Yanxi Palace

Guess Girl


Mona Lisa


Guess Girl

Victoria’s Secret Angel



Bangkok Airways

Louis Koo

A Little Mermaid


Murakami Flower

Taylor Swift

Black Panther

Lisa Vs Lizum

Jennie Solo


Soda Vs Sofa

Elder Kalama

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